Welcome to Uisce Saddlery

Elaine Waters.
Qualified bridle and harness maker

Holyground, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
+353 876 920 378

All my bridles are hand-cut and hand-stitched
using the best quality English bridle leather and metalwork.

Each piece is custom-made to order allowing
me to cater to your individual requirements.

 Both traditional and unique designs. New ideas gladly considered.

All bridles are made with a cut-out ear design for increased comfort. You can choose between the standard headpiece or the padded monocrown or elevated design. Any headpiece can be decorated with personalised stitching across the poll.
Browbands range from the standard straight style to the V-shaped or scalloped designs and can be flat, raised or padded and incorporate hand-painted, hand-stitched designs or metal stud conchos.
Cheek pieces are made with buckle attachments as standard, or billet hooks on request.
Nosebands can also be made in a range of styles depending on your requirements.

I also make a range of browbands, breastplates, reins, stirrup leathers and belts.

You can choose from a range of leathers, threads and metalwork either using one of my standard bridle designs or your own configuration. 

I frequently update this website with new designs, so call back soon!

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