Add a personal touch to you item, whether it being a stitched/stamped name or stylised design.
Various colour combinations. 
Or change out the standard browband for something more unusual. See the browbands page


Circlet Browbands - hand-stitched designs. If you have an idea for a design let me know!
A wide range of colours available.

Personalised circlet browband    €40  or add €25 to any bridle

Holly's personalised browband
JJ's personalised browband

Personalised wide browbands (lined, not padded)   
                          €25    or add €15 to any bridle

personalised wide browband

personalised headpiece
Personalised headpiece - add €10  to any bridle

Plain (no pattern) or standard pattern stitching included on raised and padded nosebands.

example standard oval stitch
personalised noseband
Personalised nosebands (above) - no extra charge on any suitable bridle.
More extensive decorative stitching (below) add €10 to any bridle.

more extensive decoration
Personalised headcollars -

personalised headcollar

If you have an idea for you horse let me know.