Military Bridles

See also the Baroque page for Hungarian Cavalry bridles.
I am happy to discuss commissions for any type bridle for military, jousting, re-enactment etc. Please email me with a photo of what you would like to discuss.

The British Military Universal Pattern Headcollar, as currently used by the Royal Horse Artillery.
It is designed to be used both as a bridle (top) and a headcollar (bottom). The bit can be easily removed by undoing the buckle at the nearside eye. Horses are numbered, and their number stamped on the jowl piece (under the chin). Normally used with a PMR bit (port mouth reversible) and plain leather double reins.

UP bridle (excluding bit)      €170                
Military reins (single set)      €40                 
Military reins (double set)     €75                 

PMR bits - 5", 5.5" and 6"  -  €65           
                   6.5" and 7"       -  €90           

Military style bits also available (5", 5.5" and 6") with mouthpiece as french-link, jointed, mullen mouth, vulcanite ported, vulcanite jointed and vulcanite mullen mouth). Please ask for current prices.

Girth  - three slot                   €70
Surcingle                               €75