Hand-stitched bridle leather belts

All styles available in black, dark havana, australian nut brown or mid-tan 3.5mm bridle leather, with brass or stainless steel buckle.

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Measurements Please note when ordering, belt size is often larger than waist measurement, particularly if you wear your trousers on your hips. Ideally, take a measurement using a tape measure where you would like your belt to sit, or a measurement from an existing belt from the end of the leather (ie. not including the buckle) to the most used hole. I will use the measurement you provide to mark the centre hole on your new belt, giving around 4" adjustment on each side.

Trouser/ Jeans Belts

Celtic buckle belt.
Laced and plaited belts.

West End Belts - men's and ladies

optional 40cm hand-stitching

         1" wide (25mm)  Plain             €30            £22   $34
                                      Stitched        €40             £30   $45

          1 1/4"  (32mm)    Plain             €35           £25    $40
                                       Stitched        €50            £38    $55

          1 1/2"  (39mm)     Plain            €40          £30     $45
                                        Stitched       €55            £42     $62

Celtic Knot belts (available in antique brass and antique nickle)

Celtic buckle belt, 1 1/2" wide.

          1 1/2" wide (39mm)   Plain        €45     £33   $50
                                             Stitched    €60       £45    $67

Laced and plaited belts - new designs!



1 1/4" wide belts in black or brown leather with a stainless steel or brass west end buckle. Decorated with lacing/plaiting in black, brown or tan lace.

Plaited             €60      £45   $67

Laced              €45      £35   $50

Stitching designs

oval stitch, black thread on brown
oblong stitch, brown thread on brown

combi stitch, black thread on brown.