Bitless Bridle Fitting

It is important that your bitless bridle is fitted correctly in order to be effective and comfortable for your horse. Please follow the guidelines below, and if you have any problems or queries please contact me.

The noseband should fit around about two fingers above the corners of the mouth, which is lower than you will be used to with a normal bridle. If the noseband is fitted too high you may experience loss of communication with the horse. Too low the noseband may irritate the horse or interfere with his nostrils.

The noseband should be done up snugly, too loose and when steering you may find that the bridle will slip on way or the other, and when stopping the noseband will slide up the face, or the headpiece will slide to one side.

When riding using the cross-pull, the cross straps must pass through the nose rings in the direction as shown in the photograph below. There is no need to undo the cross straps to take off the bridle, as you would undo a throatlash. You can just use a finger to loosen the straps underneath the jowl, and the bridle (having undone the noseband) will slip off over the horses ears. Make sure the cross straps lie flat (not twisted) on the horse's jowl.

To use the bridle as a side-pull, use the throatlash and attach the reins directly onto the rings of the noseband.