Baroque Bridles including Hungarian Military

These bridles are personally hand-made from quality black or brown (australian nut) English leather and either nickel or brass metalwork.

New ideas gladly considered. If you have something in mind please email or contact me on Facebook to discuss your own design ideas.

For concho browbands please visit the browbands page.

Hungarian full face bridle and breasplate
Hungarian face-drop bridle
(this one stitched in red!) 

Hungarian Baroque style bridles

Full face bridle - €180             £145     $200
Face drop bridle - €155           £120     $170          

Studded reins - leather - €50             £40     $55
                         rubber grip - €65      £52     $72
                         laced - €70                £55    $78

Breastplate - €180                         £145    $200
Martingale attachment - €30         £25      $35

full face bridle and studded reins 
brown and nickel

breastplate detail - brown and nickel

Soul's bitless baroque bridle.

The Welsh Baroque Bridle

The only limit is your imagination (at the risk of someone coming to me with some totally outrageous idea!) So this bridle was for a horse in Wales, and so we went for a Welsh dragon with red, white and green stitching as on the Welsh flag. Cymru am Byth!