Live in Colour

Choose your own colours 
Below are the colours I have at the moment. You can mix and match as you wish, see further down for examples of completed orders. I occasionally get in new colours, so if you are looking for something in particular which is not here, feel free to email and discuss.

Bridle leather: australian nut (brown), black, red, green light blue, dark blue, purple. Please note the light blue is slightly darker than it appears in this picture.

Padding leather: (for nosebands): black, white, brown, green, red, yellow, blue.
 pink and purple! see below

 Stitching: white, black, dark brown, mid brown, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink.
(all items stitched in black unless another colour is requested)

 Bitless bridles cross straps: (biothane) black, brown, red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink. also white.
Note: the orange and pink are actually verging on day-glo!

Rubber grips on reins available in black, brown, red, yellow, blue and white.

steel bridle buckle, west end (available in brass and stainless steel), brass crown, steel crown.

Buckles - Headcollars and baroque bridles made with brass crown buckles and studs. Military bridles with whole roller buckles. Other bridles made with stainless steel buckles and fittings as standard. Variations on request.

Cortesia buckles used on the Portuguese baroque bridles. 

brass crown buckles and studs

brass west end buckles
stainless steel crown buckles and studs

aussie nut leather, blue padding, red-white-blue stitching
royal blue leather, red padding, red stitching.

brown, brown stitching, yellow pattern (Willow's bridle)

brown, pink padding and stitching
royal blue, white padding, red and white stitching

light blue leather, yellow padding, yellow stitching


 Decorative browbands, €30/£25

Dog Collars from €20/£17

conker leather
black leather, red padding, red stitching
aussie nut leather, white stitching

black leather, white padding, black stitching