All reins as standard are made with buckles,
(loop end/billet hooks on request).

Standard sizes
Pony    48"
Cob     54"
Full     60"

Leather reins   (5/8" or 3/4")   €35      £30    $40
Web griptite reins (3/4")         €45 
Biothane reins (3/4")               €45      £35    $50
Rubber grip reins (5/8")          €45
Laced reins           (5/8")         €50       £40    $55      
Dressage/half grips (3/4")       €55       £45    $60

Leather reins - plain and simple. Note made with buckles as standard. Available in black, brown and mid-tan.
black with billet hooks
Web griptite reins - The hand parts of these reins are web inwoven with rubber for extra grip even when wet. Available in black and brown.
brown with buckles

Biothane Supergrip reins
Synthetic leather with supergrip pimples. Available in red, black, brown and blue.

Rubber grip reins  Large pip Equus rubber grips available in black, brown, red, yellow blue, white. Small pip Equus grips in racing orange.
brown with buckles
rubber grips available in black, brown, white, yellow, blue and red.
Also pink and purple (+€5).

Laced reins - available in black, brown and mid-tan.