Breastplates and Martingales

These breastplates and martingales are all hand-made by myself using quality English leather, stainless steel or brass buckles, a range of colours of leathers and threads and starting from the basic cavesson up, in standard pony/cob/full sizes or 'made-to-measure'. As each item is custom made to order, you can choose a combination to suit you and your horse.

Running martingale

The running martingale discourages the horse from lifting his head too high. The main strap is graduated (thicker at the top than the bottom) meaning a martingale stop is not be required.

Running martingale   €60    

running martingale

Standard hunting breastplate 

Leather throughout. Attaches under the girth and to the dee rings near the pommel of the saddle. Running martingale attachment is an optional extra.

Breastplate                     €100             
Martingale attachment   €30         

hunting breastplate, conker leather

Elasticated hunting breastplate   (3 point)

Attaches to the girth and to the dee rings at the saddle pommel. Running martingale attachment is an optional extra.

Elasticated hunting breastplate    €120    
Martingale attachment     €30    
tan leather, brass buckles, green elastic

5-point elasticated breastplate 

English bridle leather, 5- point elasticated breastplate. Attaches to the dee rings on the saddle, to the girth straps and the girth under the belly. Choice of elastic colours. Black or brown leather, brass or stainless steel metalwork. Breast straps can be decorated with either fancy stitching, brass/nickel clincher links or diamante crystal rivets.
5-point breastplate with clinchers and running attachment
5-point breastplate                              €165        
   with clinchers or crystal rivets        €190      
   martingale attachment                      €30      

with crystal rivets