Welcome to Uisce Saddlery

Elaine Waters.
Qualified bridle and harness maker

Holyground, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
+353 876 920 378

All my bridles are hand-cut and hand-stitched using the best quality
English bridle leather and metalwork. Each piece is custom-made to order
allowing me to cater to your individual requirements.

 I am currently only taking orders for browbands

I am also working on a variety of other leatherwork including belts, journals, bracelets, necklaces, keyrings, purses and wallets.

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Bridles - including hunter cavesson, raised, figure-8, padded, 
padded monocrown/elevated and double bridles.

Baroque bridles - including Hungarian cavalry and face-drop baroque designs.

Military bridles - 1902 UP


All of my bridles are individually hand-made by myself and feature:

  •  using quality 8 - 9 oz English bridle leather
  • stainless steel or brass buckles
  • cut-out ear design for comfort of the horse
  • buckle attachments for the bit. Billet hooks or loop ends also available.
  • a range of colours of leathers and threads
  • standard pony/cob/full sizes or 'made-to-measure'.
  • custom-made to order, designs can be adapted to accommodate the individual needs of you and your horse.

Celtic designs, personalisation and decoration can be incorporated into any of these bridles on request. See also the 'Colours' page.

For bitless bridles click here.  see also - baroque and military bridles.

Basic Hunter/Cavesson bridle
Plain browband and noseband. For showing I can make a wider noseband if required.
Hunter Bridle    €110     (reins separate)

hunt cavesson bridle - brown, white stitching
(stitching on headpiece optional extra).

Raised bridle
raised and stitched browband and noseband, with or without flash strap.
Raised bridle   €140
Reins sold separately. Flash optional
australian nut, stainless steel buckles.
Plain (no pattern) or standard pattern stitching included on raised and padded nosebands. More extensive decoration also available.
example standard pattern - oval square

more extensive patterning - willow leaf design

Padded noseband bridle
The headpiece has the cut-out ear design, the browband is raised, and the noseband is padded with neoprene and lined with soft leather (see 'Colours'). Can be made with or without flash.

Reins separate.  Flash optional
black, white padding, (raised  browband, padded noseband)
Standard width padded bridle        €160.              

Extra wide padded nosebands   (1 1/2" wide, + padding)
  Chunky straight noseband               €170.  
  Oval/downcut padded noseband     €175.

Gadget's chunky padded show bridle (40mm / 1.5" nose)

Oval noseband - (this one is bitless, but I can put the oval noseband on a standard bridle)
downcut padded noseband

Comfort Bridles

The comfort range of bridle are fully padded; the crownpiece incorporate the cutout ear design as in all other bridles, and is padded with neoprene covered with soft nappa leather. The browband and noseband are also padded. There are two styles available:

Elevated - The crownpiece allows the noseband strap to lie over the top, providing more evenly spread pressure across the poll area. The 1/2" slots in the headpiece mean the noseband lies underneath the cheekpieces, as on any other bridle, but the headstrap of the noseband passes through the crownpiece at the browband, and lies on top as it crosses the poll.

Monocrown - the noseband strap is integral to the headpiece, reducing the need for straps across the poll area. The 5/8" strap (other widths on request) on either side then allows attachment of the noseband.

flash optional, reins sold separately.

Standard width comfort bridle                 €195          

Extra wide nose on comfort bridle          €200
Chunky/Oval noseband comfort bridle   €210

elevated crownpiece design.
Monocrown design.

Grackle / Figure 8 noseband
This type is often referred to as the high or Mexican grackle, as the rings sit above the cheek bones. The central disc is lined with sheepskin.

Change the noseband of any of the above bridles to a figure 8 / grackle.

Standard figure 8         €125
Raised figure 8            €155
Padded figure 8           €180   (padded noseband + raised browband)
Comfort figure 8         €215 (padded noseband + browband + padded comfort/monocrown headpiece)

Plain grakle (raised browband) - tan leather, brass buckles

padded grakle bridle

Double bridle
The double bridle includes a sliphead and cheek to carry the bridoon bit in addition to the nomal headpiece carrying the weymouth bit. There is also a lip strap to secure the curb chain.
Add a sliphead and lip strap to any of the above bridles on request.

€50 on any bridle

australian nut, stainless steel buckles.
Show bridle
raised and stitched. west end or crown buckles. Integral noseband and cheek pieces.
Show bridle  €165

Show bridle - australian nut with yellow stitching, west end buckles.

Show bridle - black with black stitching, crown buckles.

Bitless Bridles

Celtic designs or personalisation can be incorporated into any of these bridles on request. See also the 'Colours' page.

Bit Free Bridle

These bitless bridles and riding headcollars can use the cross-pull or side-pull method, or be converted to a bitted bridle. Please see the posts below for details on their use and fitting and feel free to email me with any questions.

These bridles are all hand-made to order by myself using quality English leather and stainless steel or brass buckles and fittings, in standard pony/cob/full sizes or made-to measure. The headpiece has a cut-out design on the poll for added comfort around the ears. The noseband is padded with neoprene for comfort on the nose.

The cross-straps are made from beta biothane (a synthetic leather) as these stand up better than leather to the friction caused as they run through the rings on the noseband. These come in many colours!

The rings on the noseband allow this bridle to be used with cross-straps as a cross-pull, or with a throatlash as a side-pull. Addition of a set of cheek pieces means the bridle can be converted to a conventional bitted bridle if desired. Plain (no pattern) or standard pattern stitching included on bitless bridle nosebands. More extensive decoration also available.

Standard bitless  €125                    includes padded noseband
                   £100     $140              and either cross straps or throatlash
                                                                       plain or raised browband.

                €135    with oval or chunky noseband (1 1/2" wide + padding).     
          £110         $150

Comfort bitless  €150                      includes padded noseband
            £120        $170                                    padded headpiece   (optional personalisation)
                                                                        padded browband
                                                         and either cross straps or throatlash.

                €160   with oval or chunky noseband.      £130     $180

Extras -   spare throatlash     €10
              spare cross-straps  €20

comfort headpiece
Oval noseband
Chunky noseband (this bridle is bitted, but chunky noseband can be made for bitless bridle)

Reins sold separately.

bitless cross-pull.
Holly, my own horse,

Soul's studded face-drop bridle converted to bitless.

Baroque Bridles including Hungarian Military

These bridles are personally hand-made from quality black or brown (australian nut) English leather and either nickel or brass metalwork.

New ideas gladly considered. If you have something in mind please email or contact me on Facebook to discuss your own design ideas.

For concho browbands please visit the browbands page.

Hungarian full face bridle and breasplate
Hungarian face-drop bridle
(this one stitched in red!) 

Hungarian Baroque style bridles

Full face bridle - €180             £145     $200
Face drop bridle - €155           £120     $170          

Studded reins - leather - €50             £40     $55
                         rubber grip - €65      £52     $72
                         laced - €70                £55    $78

Breastplate - €180                         £145    $200
Martingale attachment - €30         £25      $35

full face bridle and studded reins 
brown and nickel

breastplate detail - brown and nickel

Soul's bitless baroque bridle.

The Welsh Baroque Bridle

The only limit is your imagination (at the risk of someone coming to me with some totally outrageous idea!) So this bridle was for a horse in Wales, and so we went for a Welsh dragon with red, white and green stitching as on the Welsh flag. Cymru am Byth!

Stable Headcollar

The Stable Headcollar is typically made with brass fittings, doubled cheek and jowl pieces and a clip attachment on the throatlash. Here with yellow stitching to match, available in black, brown or tan leather, with any colour stitching. 


Can be personalised with the horse's name stitched into the nearside cheek.

Breastplates and Martingales

These breastplates and martingales are all hand-made by myself using quality English leather, stainless steel or brass buckles, a range of colours of leathers and threads and starting from the basic cavesson up, in standard pony/cob/full sizes or 'made-to-measure'. As each item is custom made to order, you can choose a combination to suit you and your horse.

Running martingale

The running martingale discourages the horse from lifting his head too high. The main strap is graduated (thicker at the top than the bottom) meaning a martingale stop is not be required.

Running martingale   €60    

running martingale

Standard hunting breastplate 

Leather throughout. Attaches under the girth and to the dee rings near the pommel of the saddle. Running martingale attachment is an optional extra.

Breastplate                     €100             
Martingale attachment   €30         

hunting breastplate, conker leather

Elasticated hunting breastplate   (3 point)

Attaches to the girth and to the dee rings at the saddle pommel. Running martingale attachment is an optional extra.

Elasticated hunting breastplate    €120    
Martingale attachment     €30    
tan leather, brass buckles, green elastic

5-point elasticated breastplate 

English bridle leather, 5- point elasticated breastplate. Attaches to the dee rings on the saddle, to the girth straps and the girth under the belly. Choice of elastic colours. Black or brown leather, brass or stainless steel metalwork. Breast straps can be decorated with either fancy stitching, brass/nickel clincher links or diamante crystal rivets.
5-point breastplate with clinchers and running attachment
5-point breastplate                              €165        
   with clinchers or crystal rivets        €190      
   martingale attachment                      €30      

with crystal rivets